In the first segment of the One Minute Stories Series, we have John and Skuff from DirtyBackPack explaining the origin of their groups name.




Skuff Micksun: So, Chicago… Me and Rocket…
Rocket, hopefully you’re cool with me saying all of this man.
We just like, had some rough times in Chicago, long story short.
We ended up straight up sleeping on that backpack.
Yeah, I went to New Orleans last summer, and lost the backpack!
And traveled like 13 hours, me and my roomate. He came with me.

He was like, “Bro, if the back pack means that much”

Bro, it is thee dirty back pack.

I have to get it.

We traveled like 13 hours on foot to get it.

And uh, we got it. We still have it

Its just, dirty. We kept all of our shit in there.

You know. It kind of naturally happened.

Then he was like dude, its DirtyBackPack


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