Visque first hit my radar when he responded to a post I made looking for music to review. He sent me his project, They Can’t Stand Me and after giving it a few listens, checking out his social media, I knew I wanted to get him on the show.

I like to get people who are not just one dimensional. Meaning, I don’t want an expert on one niche topic and have them not be able to talk about anything else.

Deandre Bush, better known as Visq, is not one dimensional. He raps, acts, is a videographer, political activist, and much more.

His music is very unique, his sound predominantly original. It is full of emotion and different styles of beats and rhythms. After talking with him and he mentioned how his music is a way for him to release feelings and that he liked experimenting with as many producers as possible, it all started to make sense!

That is what is great about being able to interview and get to know an artist. We all think we know who they are through their music, but in reality we may be way off.

Deandre is very easy to talk with. Being an actor, it wasn’t overly unusual for him to be wearing a microphone and two huge lights in his face for the entire time of our conversation.

It was exceptionally cool to get to learn a bit about the local acting scene. He tells a great story during the podcast how going through the wrong door on a set, he ended up reading for and getting a part with Nicholas Cage and William Dafoe!

I encourage you all to follow him online, check out both his acting and music projects and if you need music, actors, or a guest for your show, he would be great for all of those things!


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