Who is Mystqx Skye?

Mystqx Skye is originally from the Philippines and currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Mystqx SkyeShe speaks German, English, and more. She decided to live in Switzerland after falling in love with her husband and father of her two children.

Due to the cost of child care in Zurich, she resigned from her day job to stay at home and take care of the kids. Once her kids started school, she now has time to focus on her writing.

When Mystqx was a kid, her mother got her into poetry. After years of reading poetry and writing, she found a “side hustle” writing love notes for kids in high school.

Every day, Mystqx writes poetry or short stories. She makes sure to write at least a few sentences to keep her writing muscles strong. No matter where she is at, you can find her with a pad & pen as well as a recorder. No matter where she is at, she can catch the ideas and inspiration.

Mystqx Interview Wrap Up:

It was a pleasure talking with Mystqx. Our talk was recorded via video chat and the audio on my questions was AWFUL! I redubbed a lot of the questions so that you can better understand the questions she was answering.

Other than the audio mess up, the interview went well. She is very easy to talk to and it was great seeing her passion for what she does and her family.

My main reflection on this interview is just the amazing opportunities that technology gives us. I was able to record a conversation from across the world and that same technology allows her to self publish her work and get her dreams out to possible fans.

I encourage you all to follow the links below and dive deeper into the world that is, Mystqx Skye.

You can find her on Goodreads, Amazon, Instagram, Twitter, and more!


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