DJ Undoo was such an exciting guest to get on the podcast. He appeared on my radar thanks to Cleveland rapper, Kent Archie. They collaborated when Kent was in Romania and when Kent mentioned him in the interview, I looked up DJ Undoo and loved what I found.

With that said, I did not fly to Romania for the interview. Instead, I ended up getting it recorded outside of a Starbucks in the middle of nowhere ( either Pennsylvania or New York) after my original planned location didn’t have wifi. After a quick Google search and a short drive, I found a Starbucks and got a drink and wifi.

Google Hangouts gave me no problems and in minutes there was DJ Undoo on my screen. He was in his studio and after a quick couple of ice breakers, we got right to the interview.

At first he was very nervous, understandably so. Our conversation was the first English spoken interview with the international DJ!

Spoiler Alert: He spoke better English than I did.

We became comfortable quickly and talked about music, recording equipment, life in Romania, American influence, and more.

We talked for about an hour and it was great to see what people from the other side of the world thought about American Hip Hop as well as how they put their own spin on it.

Final Recap:

DJ Undoo really appreciates music and when you watch footage of him DJing you can see the passion in every scratch of the turntable.

If you would like to hear for yourself, below you will find all of the links to his Top Tracks and most current Albums.

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To listen to his music:


to buy his music:



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