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Alicia Caldwell Henderson is a mother, educator, and an author among a million other important titles. She has a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and was willing to share some of her knowledge with the podcast!

She was such a great guest to have on the show! I could not have asked for a more adaptable and understanding guest. We talked through Instagram after she responded to one of my posts requesting people to submit a video talking about themselves in order to be a podcast guest.

Her video showed so much enthusiasm for educating and teaching. She had one minute to get her book on my radar and onto my show, and she used about 40 seconds of it talking about her as an educator.

Do whats she did!

So many people have sales all wrong in today’s world. You will get so much further not going for the “right hook”, that, “Buy My BOOK” mentality. Why I reached out to her was because I saw the value that her joy for education could bring to a segment.

Anyone can talk about a book, anyone can be proud of a book they wrote. What made Alicia different is that she was just as happy to talk about students reactions to a lesson she taught as she was to talk about her book.

She is an educator that cares. An educator that is also a parent to a student that attends the same school she is employed by. She lives the life of loving, learning, and helping every day.

She spent years working to help people get job skills, devoted herself to a get a Masters Degree to better understand how kids learn, and spends her days teaching and her nights writing books to inspire the youth.

Alicia Caldwell Henderson is a young adult fiction author. Her book, Young, Dumb, and Naive is a self published story that has been years in the making ( and almost didn’t happen). After a bad experience with a publisher she shelved her book and it was almost lost in a closet for eternity.

It wasn’t until her husband annually encouraged her to bring it out of storage and use the new tools of the world to get it out there that she eventually listened.

Alicia self published her story through Amazon KDP.

After spending her middle school years playing second mom to her siblings, Azerica Christian has decided to live life for herself. She’s in high school. She’s a cheerleader, She’s becoming popular, and living life with no regrets… even if that means breaking all the rules.

I don’t want to spoil all of the stuff that we talked about, so if you are an audio person; go back to the top of the page and listen to the full interview. For the video fans, the full interview can be found below!



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